EMZ 1.21 Reference


emzAdminOff Stops the player being an admin (emzAdminOff {number|name|guid})
emzAdminOn Sets the player as an admin (emzAdminOn {number|name|guid})
emzBan Ban a player (emzBan {number|name} [time|perm|vote]
emzBanList List banned players to console
emzClanOff Removes a player from the server clan (emzClanOff {number|name|guid})
emzClanOn Adds a player to the server clan (emzClanOn {number|name|guid})
emzColors Set list of allowed player colors. emzColors any|brown|red|green|blue|yellow|grey|cyan|orange|purple
emzDisable Disable an item (change takes effect on map restart)
emzEnable Enable an item (change takes effect on map restart)
emzForceReady Force a player to ready up
emzForceSpectate Force a player into spectate mode
emzInactivityOff Disables inactivity processing for specified player
emzInactivityOn Enables inactivity processing for specified player
emzMidnight Sets the Midnight CTF mode to be applied on the next map restart.
emzModels Set list of allowed player models. emzModels player|red|blue [any|marine|tshirt|armor|labcoat|jumpsuit|suit|security]
emzMuteOff Allow chat from a player (emzMuteOff {number|name|guid})
emzMuteOn Stop chat from a player (emzMuteOn {number|name|guid})
emzPlayers List players to console. Use emzPlayers all to list all recorded players. Use emzPlayers xyz to list players with xyz in their name.
emzReplace Replace a weapon with another weapon or a powerup with another powerup. e.g. emzReplace berserk megahealth
emzReset Clears all item availability, respawn time and item replacement settings
emzRespawn Set respawn time for an item (change takes effect on map restart)
emzSkinSet Change skin set (Default, Bright, Atom, Stealth, Metal)
emzStats List player statistics to console
emzUnban Unban a player (emzUnban {number|guid}
emzWeaponMode Set an EMZ single weapon mode (change takes effect on map restart)


emz_cl_auto_reload_bfg Controls whether the BFG will auto reload when ui_autoReload is set to 1
emz_cl_auto_reload_chaingun Controls whether the chaingun will auto reload when ui_autoReload is set to 1
emz_cl_auto_reload_machinegun Controls whether the machinegun will auto reload when ui_autoReload is set to 1
emz_cl_auto_reload_pistol Controls whether the pistol will auto reload when ui_autoReload is set to 1
emz_cl_auto_reload_plasmagun Controls whether the plasmagun will auto reload when ui_autoReload is set to 1
emz_cl_auto_reload_rocketlauncher Controls whether the rocket launcher will auto reload when ui_autoReload is set to 1
emz_cl_auto_reload_shotgun Controls whether the shotgun will auto reload when ui_autoReload is set to 1
emz_cl_auto_reload_shotgun_double Controls whether the double barrel shotgun will auto reload when ui_autoReload is set to 1
emz_cl_block_vchat Disable vchat messages. 0=No, 1=Voice, 2=Text, 3=Both
emz_cl_chat_fade_time Time that chat messages take to fade away (in seconds)
emz_cl_color Player color
emz_cl_crosshair Sets the crosshair used 0-7
emz_cl_death_messages Use EMZ enhanced death messages
emz_cl_display_names Controls whether player names are displayed when aiming. 0=No, 1=Team Only, 2=All
emz_cl_enemy_hit_feedback Enable feedback sound when you hit an enemy
emz_cl_model Player model
emz_cl_music Enable additional EMZ music
emz_cl_show_flag Display country flag
emz_cl_show_invis_icon Show invisibility indicator on HUD. 0=Off, 1=On if no gun model, 2=On
emz_cl_show_spec_crosshair Show crosshairs of the player you are spectating
emz_cl_show_star Display team/admin status on the scoreboard
emz_cl_show_time Display local time
emz_cl_sounds Enable additional EMZ sounds and music
emz_cl_use_weapon_toggle Enable toggling of shotgun/double-barrel shotgun selection
emz_cs_allow_name_display Controls whether opponent names can be displayed when aiming. Affects all players.
emz_cs_berserk_fists Switch to fists when in Beserk Mode
emz_cs_clan_name Clan name for display on scoreboard
emz_cs_max_fov Maximum FOV value for clients
emz_cs_min_fov Minumum FOV value for clients
emz_cs_skin_flags Skin set flags. Bit mask of skin set votes not allowed on this server

 bit 0 (+1) Default

 bit 1 (+2) Bright

 bit 2 (+4) Atom

 bit 3 (+8) Stealth

 bit 4 (+16) Metal

emz_cs_use_reload Enable/Disable reloading of weapons
emz_cs_weapon_mode_flags Weapon mode flags. Bit mask of weapon mode votes not allowed on this server

 bit 0 (+1) Normal Weapons

 bit 1 (+2) Flashlight Fandango

 bit 2 (+4) Knuckle Knockdown

 bit 3 (+8) Pistol Punishment

 bit 4 (+16) Shotgun Skirmish

 bit 5 (+32) Machinegun Murder

 bit 6 (+64) Chaingun Carnage

 bit 7 (+128) Hand Grenade Homicide

 bit 8 (+256) Plasma Plague

 bit 9 (+512) Rocket Riot

 bit 10 (+1024) BFG Bloodbath

 bit 11 (+2048) Chainsaw Carve Up

 bit 12 (+4096) Shotgun Slaughter

 bit 13 (+8192) Barrel Blitz
emz_si_item_flags Item spawn flags. Bit mask of items not allowed on this server.
emz_si_midnight Midnight mode. 0=Off, 1=On, 2=On with headlamps.
emz_si_player_colors Allowed player colour list
emz_si_player_models Allowed player model list
emz_si_replace Item replacement flags.
emz_si_team_models_blue Allowed player model list for blue team in TDM/CTF
emz_si_team_models_red Allowed player model list for red team in TDM/CTF
emz_si_version EMZ Version Number
emz_si_weapon_mode Specify a Single Weapon Mode
emz_sv_all_required_for_ready When set to one, all players need to ready up before the game will start. When set to zero, if more than half are ready the game will start.
emz_sv_allow_peer_kick_votes If this is set then players of equal status can call kick votes on eachother.
emz_sv_ammo_respawn Respawn time for all ammo
emz_sv_armor_deplete_amount Armor above emz_sv_armor_deplete_limit will be decremented by this value
emz_sv_armor_deplete_limit Armor above this value will be removed
emz_sv_armor_deplete_rate Armor above emz_sv_armor_deplete_limit will be removed at this rate (in seconds)
emz_sv_armor_respawn Respawn time for all armor (used if no specific CVar setting)
emz_sv_armor_security_respawn Respawn time for security armor
emz_sv_armor_shard_respawn Respawn time for armor shards
emz_sv_backpack_respawn Respawn time for backpacks
emz_sv_ban_email Email for ban appeals
emz_sv_block_vchat Disable vchat messages. 0=Do not block, 1=Block non-team, 2=Block all
emz_sv_clan_priority Make space for team members/admins? 0=No Kicking, 1=Kick Spectators, 2=Kick Players (not Tourney), 3=Kick Players (Tourney).
emz_sv_clan_priority_kick_sorry Message to display to players when they are auto kicked.
emz_sv_clan_priority_kick_time Number of seconds before the kick is carried out.
emz_sv_default_respawn Respawn time for all items (will be used if no individual item value set)
emz_sv_exploder_respawn Respawn time the barrels and airtanks
emz_sv_fire_rate_shotgun_double Rate at which double barrel shotgun shots are fired in 'no reload' mode (per second, 2.2=Standard DBS)
emz_sv_forfeit_frags If a player quits when their opponent has less than this many frags to go they forfeit the match. Set to zero to disable. (Tourney)
emz_sv_forfeit_time If a player quits with less than this many minutes remaining they forfeit the match. Set to zero to disable. (Tourney)
emz_sv_health_large_respawn Respawn time for large health
emz_sv_health_respawn Respawn time for all health (used if no specific CVar setting)
emz_sv_health_small_respawn Respawn time for small health
emz_sv_heartbeat Frequency with which to send heartbeat messages to the master server, in minutes (0=off, 5 to 20)
emz_sv_inactivity_action Action to take when client exceeds inactivity time (0=off, 1=set to spectate, 2=kick)
emz_sv_inactivity_time Maximum time in seconds before inactive client is kicked/set to spectate (see emz_sv_inactivity_action)
emz_sv_initial_armor Amount of armor players spawn with
emz_sv_initial_belt Amount of chaingun ammo players spawn with
emz_sv_initial_bfg Number of BFG cells players spawn with
emz_sv_initial_bullets Number of bullets players spawn with
emz_sv_initial_cells Number of cells players spawn with
emz_sv_initial_clip Amount of machine gun ammo players spawn with
emz_sv_initial_grenades Number of handgrenades players spawn with
emz_sv_initial_health Amount of health players spawn with
emz_sv_initial_rockets Number of rockets players spawn with
emz_sv_initial_shells Number of shells players spawn with
emz_sv_initial_weapons Comma separated list of weapons that each player spawns with, first one is initial selection (blank will use game default)
emz_sv_max_armor Maximum armor players can have
emz_sv_max_failed_votes Limit on failed vote attempts before a temporary vote ban is imposed (0=off)
emz_sv_max_frag_vote Max value for frag limit votes (0=off)
emz_sv_max_health Maximum health players can have
emz_sv_max_time_vote Max value for time limit votes (0=off)
emz_sv_min_frag_vote Min value for frag limit votes (0=off)
emz_sv_min_time_vote Min value for time limit votes (0=off)
emz_sv_motd Message of the Day: Displayed to the player on connection
emz_sv_motd_new Additional message for new players
emz_sv_motd_old Additional message for returning players
emz_sv_motd_size Size of text in MOTD window
emz_sv_motd_time Amout of time for MOTD to be displayed (0=default chat fade time)
emz_sv_motd_title Title for MOTD box
emz_sv_powerup_berserk_respawn Respawn time for berserk
emz_sv_powerup_invisibility_respawn Respawn time for invisibility
emz_sv_powerup_invulnerability_respawn Respawn time for invulnerability
emz_sv_powerup_megahealth_respawn Respawn time for megahealth
emz_sv_powerup_respawn Respawn time for all powerups (used if no specific CVar setting)
emz_sv_random_weapon Play will spawn with ONE of the initial spawn weapons
emz_sv_respawn_adjust_down Allows respawn times to be lowered as well as raised (0=off)
emz_sv_respawn_max_adjust Maximum additional time to adjust item respawns by (0=off)
emz_sv_respawn_min_adjust Minumum additional time to adjust item respawns by (0=off)
emz_sv_rocketsplash Allows self-splash damage from the rocket launcher to be disabled
emz_sv_skin_set Changes set of skins used for all players (0=Default,1=Bright,2=Atom,3=Stealth,4=Metal)
emz_sv_spam_count Number of spam messages before client is muted (0=off)
emz_sv_spam_delay Consecutive messages quicker than this time count as spam (seconds)
emz_sv_spam_silence Length of time to mute spammers in seconds (0=perm)
emz_sv_tourney_wait_time Number of seconds that the server should wait after a map load for the previous Tourney winner/current players to reconnect.
emz_sv_use_gametype_scripts Run scripts based on gametype 0=Off, 1=On load only, 2=On load or restart
emz_sv_use_map_scripts Run scripts based on map name 0=Off, 1=On load only, 2=On load or restart
emz_sv_voting_during_ctf Who can vote during a game of Capture The Flag (0=Nobody, 1=Players, 2=All)
emz_sv_voting_during_dm Who can vote during a game of Deathmatch (0=Nobody, 1=Players, 2=All)
emz_sv_voting_during_lastman Who can vote during a game of Last Man Standing (0=Nobody, 1=Players, 2=All)
emz_sv_voting_during_tdm Who can vote during a game of Team Deathmatch (0=Nobody, 1=Players, 2=All)
emz_sv_voting_during_tourney Who can vote during a game of Tourney (0=Nobody, 1=Players, 2=All)
emz_sv_weapon_bfg_respawn Respawn time for the BFG
emz_sv_weapon_chaingun_respawn Respawn time for the chaingun
emz_sv_weapon_chainsaw_respawn Respawn time for the chainsaw
emz_sv_weapon_grabber_respawn Respawn time for the grabber
emz_sv_weapon_handgrenade_respawn Respawn time for genades
emz_sv_weapon_machinegun_respawn Respawn time for the machinegun
emz_sv_weapon_pistol_respawn Respawn time for the pistol
emz_sv_weapon_plasmagun_respawn Respawn time for the plasmagun
emz_sv_weapon_respawn Respawn time for all weapons (used if no specific CVar setting)
emz_sv_weapon_rocketlauncher_respawn Respawn time for the rocket launcher
emz_sv_weapon_shotgun_double_respawn Respawn time for the double-barrel shotgun
emz_sv_weapon_shotgun_respawn Respawn time for the shotgun
emz_sv_weapon_stay When this is set players can't pick up weapons they already have.
emz_sv_weapons_open_doors Allows weapon hits to open doors


(Standard D3, extended by EMZ)

Vote flags. Bit mask of main votes not allowed on this server

bit 0 (+1) restart now
bit 1 (+2) time limit
bit 2 (+4) frag limit
bit 3 (+8) game type
bit 4 (+16) kick player
bit 5 (+32) change map
bit 6 (+64) spectators
bit 7 (+128) next map
bit 8 (+256) weapon mode
bit 9 (+512) skin set
bit 10 (+1024) set to spectate
bit 11 (+2048) use reload
bit 12 (+4096) max health
bit 13 (+8192) max armor
bit 14 (+16384) enable items
bit 15 (+32768) powerup respawn
bit 16 (+65536) weapon respawn
bit 17 (+131072) health respawn
bit 18 (+262144) armor respawn AND disable items
bit 19 (+524288) golden shot

bit 20 (+1048576) splash damage

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