About EMZ

Simon Wadsworth

Playing as Simulation

Coding and Design

Contact: simulation

Tim Cooper

Playing as 3xH

Art and Design

Contact: 3xH

Chris Williams

Playing as M|keTmnT

Music and Config Scripting

Contact: miketmnt

To contact a member of Team EMZ please sign up on the forums and post a message.

What does EMZ Stand for?

Enhanced Militarized Zone.

What will I need to play?

EMZ is a multiplayer mod for Doom 3, so you will need both Doom 3 and a working broadband connection.

Will I need Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil to play?

No, the expansion pack is not required but if you do have it EMZ will work with the included maps and game modes.

Will you include support for CTF in original Doom 3?.

Originally this was on our plans but having given it careful consideration we have decided that, as fans and supporters of id Software, we should really be encouraging people to get hold of CTF buy buying Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil.

Another consideration in this is that any community CTF maps are going to be designed for the expansion pack and would probably require assets from the PK4s that ship with it. We are not mappers and I suspect that until we're a little more established we'd have a hard time finding someone to build us a CTF map specifically to support EMZ.

Will you include the Double-Barrel Shotgun in original Doom 3?.

We have to say "No" to this. The models, textures and sounds in the expansion pack cannot be modded to add functionality to the original Doom 3. Well obviously they can be modded, but it would be illegal for us to ship them.

What versions of Doom 3 do you support?

EMZ 1.31a is based on the Doom 3 SDK v1.3.1.1304.

EMZ 1.21 is based on the Doom 3 SDK v1.3.1302.

If further updates to the core Doom engine are released EMZ will be updated accordingly.

Is there an EMZ mod for <insert favourite game here>?

Currently we are working only on EMZ for Doom 3.

What is EMZ all about?

EMZ allows advanced server setup and increased client functionality to enhance the multiplayer experience.

What features does EMZ have?

The current version is documented here.

What platforms does EMZ support?

The latest version of EMZ supports Windows, Linux and OS X.

What are all these PK4 files?

PK4 files are effectively ZIP files with a different file extension. All Doom 3 game files are stored in PK4s. More information on this is available here.

When Will You Finish the F.A.Q.?

When we get around to it, but there's a good chance it will never be totally 'finished' as such.

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